When Life Gives You Red Chillies

You must have heard about when life gives you lemons…but you will probably be hearing it for the first time when life give you Chillies and no, not the green one but yes the red one.

We understand, red chilies are hard to taste, eat, gulp and even swallow unless we are Mexicans.

But what to do in the case when we are not Mexicans, and have to bear those red chilies coming in our way.

Red chilly can be anybody, your grumpy boss, your jealous peers, your annoying exes who cant swallow the happy, independent you.

In our lives, we all do come across these red chilies in our ways. Obviously life can’t offer you mangoes and strawberries all the time.

It’s not sweet always, but the good is its not uncomfortably hot as well all the time.

We all can relate, that we all have that one person in our lives that we want to punch on their faces as soon as we come across them. We also have that one person in our social life who’s physical presence instantly makes us think all the time if we are being punished by the Heaven for our unknown sins.

You must be upset for your failures, or a mean comment by some one you expected to boost your confidence has suddenly washed away your whole confidence.

It happens, it happens to everyone, to me to you to every person on this earth.

These upsets are the red chilies on your life; you probably don’t have control over the chilies life is offering you but perhaps you can decide and solely it depends upon you as to what you tend to do with these chilies.


1) You eat it uncooked and let your mouth burn eventually

2). Or you give those red chillies in return to the people giving you

3) A spicy roasted chicken

Obviously, you are not that much insane to eat raw chilies. Who would want to let his mouth burn like hell and then scream and run here and there like lunatics to get water and sugar to cool down their burning mouths?

In this case you can either choose to be sweet like a sugar, but many of us doesn’t have bearing powers like sweet Cinderella. So this doesn’t seem to be a very long-lasting and promising solution to the deal with chilies.

Then comes to second option, which is giving them chilies in return that are throwing them in your way. Yes you can absolutely do this without being legally charged for any offence or criminal activity.

You can call some ugly, fat, loser or but that wouldn’t make you beautiful either or wouldn’t instantly cause you to shed 100 pounds with the power of revenge. OH and also being notoriously revengeful for flatting the tyre of your boss’s car for that discouragement.

It might give you peace for milliseconds but not for whole life. You need to give a more befitting crush to the chilies.

What about grinding and crushing them?

Yes, the most powerful way to crush the chilies and turn them into your advantage is to use them in cooking a ridiculously delicious roasted lamb burger with a dip of spicy BBQ sauce. Isn’t it a better idea to use these chilled for your benefit?

A harsh comment can be replied by increased self-confidence, how about replying an undue scold from boss by an impressively smart presentation at office.

So life will keep giving you red chilies all you need to learn is the art of making them tasty

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When Life Gives You Red Chillies

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