Why Airline Experiences Are Getting Crappier— Despite Improvement In Technology?

There must be many reasons behind the poor condition of commercialized flights in the U.S. However, when it comes to routine domestic flights, which are often terrible in their services— authority, consolidations and staff failures have to be blamed.

Especially, after keeping in your mind the recent horror occurring in the United Airline flight 3411 last week, what would you blame, speaking from a technological point of view? Don’t you think technology has failed too?
Apple, Samsung are proud on their capacity to expand and innovate, Uber and Lyft boast wins over regular taxi cabs. Online streaming has far left behind the cable services, mobile applications and computers have been successful in firing multiple people from their jobs. Yet, the aviation industry isn’t only obstinate regarding improvement of their services, but also some companies seem to have taken vows to discover new lows with every passing day.
In the recent weeks, everything about United, over-bookings, underpaying and bad customer handling is a contribution towards an airline industry model which is capitalized.
If you observe closely, search engines are ranking aviation companies based on their prices, rather than their quality of service. What we are seeing is one of foulest form of private ownership, which is only interested about profits, keeping them on top of everything else.

With the above latest audacity, it’s clear that comfort, quality and even basic customer dignity doesn’t hold any importance anymore. There next to no legroom, airlines charge you over the top for the wireless internet they provide. On top pf that, there is now extra fees for the extra amenities that used to be free of cost before.
Airlines today don’t consider themselves as customer service providers, they want to be seen by the Wall Street as industrial companies. They assume you, being their customer would also consider them as mere transportation providers.
The initial statement released by United Airlines CEO makes this fact even more authentic.

In a private letter to company employees, it was repeatedly pointed out that the man was at fault, and not the airline. Because why didn’t he give up his seat in the first place? Especially after the company was so generous enough to offer him a jaw-dropping amount of $1000.
Anyways, it took a whole lot of social media backlash and a serious stock plunge for United Airlines to finally realize it has to issue an actual apology at the start of this week. In 2016, TripAdvisor, the review site for traveling revealed ratings for airlines. In recent rankings, stats show that overall airlines get an average of 3.7 ratings from customers.
It seems that a majority of customers and commercial aircraft companies both feel content with worst services – best prices scenario, because apparently, this is what the “clicks” demand. Your only ray of shining hope for the time being is your cellphone, use it to make videos and post them on Facebook—better yet, raise your voice and hold on tight whenever airline security drags you and kicks your a**!

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Why Airline Experiences Are Getting Crappier— Despite Improvement In Technology?

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