Woman Believed To Have Stabbed Her Boyfriend For Fries, But Was It Really For Fries Only? Shocking Reason Revealed!

When we say “French Fries are worth killing for” we don’t mean it in literal meanings, right? but it looks like this woman, sure does.

Recently, a news went viral on social media about a woman who was too clingy for her plate of fries that she couldn’t even tolerate her own lovey-dovey boyfriend to share from her plate and got mad to the extent that she attacked him with a knife. But we aren’t sure if it was only the fries that made her attack her boyfriend orrrrr was it something else? Gotta find out!

A woman named Dianne Margaret Clayton from London was invited to a friend’s house for drinks along with her boyfriend Simon Hill. The incident occurred when they were having a party and her boyfriend Simon started eating fries from her plate, she couldn’t resist but slap him first and then ran into the kitchen to get a knife. Before Simon could recover from the slap, the next thing he knew, he was being stabbed in his shoulder repeatedly and the attacker was none other than his own girlfriend Dianne.


When the hearing of the case took place at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court, it was further revealed that the couple was drunk when the woman attacked the guy. They were actually invited to have drinks with their friends at their place where the host also served home-cooked french fries. It was all chill until Simon started eating Dianne’s chips, she first stayed calm for a bit but when Simon ate almost all of them, Dianne lost her mind and couldn’t think anything else except killing that person who ate all of her dear french fries. Simon got badly hurt with deep knife injuries on his arm but Dianne didn’t apologize even a little. The couple left after the incident but Simon returned to his friend’s place to spend the night. Friends with the couple reported the incident at the Police station. Dianne is now jailed for 26 weeks and is also ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge on release. Poor Girl, Look where your blind love for Fries has gotten yourself into.

Although Simon the victim of snack attack refused to give any comments on the incident, didn’t even want to file the case against her girlfriend either, saying that they have had a perfectly healthy relationship until this incident happened and that he is sorry for her girlfriend and the thing she has done.

On the other hand, Dianne feels no sorry at all for what she did and openly admits her attempt to assault her boyfriend for Fries. Fries over guys? She sure has gotten her priorities straight. 


Our Thoughts On The Case:

It’s true that Fries run in our blood. Fries are savior. Fries are Life! We may not kill someone for it, but we do get possessive when it’s about sharing food, specially French Fries.

But here, when this Majestic side dish has such a great reputation, why should we let it be maligned by some girl who is believed to have attacked her boyfriend for the sake of ‘Fries’? Let’s examine the case with all the relevant theories; may be, we find another shocking reason behind all this kill-for-fries fuss.

Theory One: Cheater Boyfriend: As Simon refused to co-operate with the police on this case and Dianne too didn’t talk much about stuff, we assume that there could be something they don’t want to talk about, publicly.


May be the woman was already mad at her boyfriend over something. It just got somehow triggered in the wrong time, at the the wrong place, having the wrong item on the plate. You never know! May be Dianne thought Simon was cheating on her and she was holding onto her anger until she finds out enough evidences to bust him up. But on that night, the arguments between the friends and the couple could’ve somehow provoked Dianne at the time when Simon was busy laughing and eating chips from her plate. Annddd BOOM!

Theory Two: Possessed Woman: Don’t laugh or Meh! This could be REAL! There are possibilities that the reason behind this bizarre incident could be bizarre itself.


Dianne could be a victim of an evil spirit who took control of her at that time and ruined her relationship forever. And when Dianne retrieved her senses and realized the incident, she had no other reason to explain what happened so she had to put it all on those innocent little french fries. Blame game, eh?

Theory Three: Drunk and Swalla: Dianne could be a drunkard. It could be true that she was all in sway of her alcohol and fell absolutely in love with her fries and drink. We all know what drinks can do to us.


Over consumption of alcohol makes us do things we always regret later, most of the times they are some very embarrassing moments, but fewer times it turn into a disaster like this. Violence or the worst, murders have also been reported just because of over drinking. But Simon were you drunk too, fetching fries from someone else’s plate?

Theory Four: Addicted To French Fries: Orrr.. Chances are that Dianne was really an addict to french fries and it was indeed the need of the fries only that led her to do what she did.


Those home-cooked french fries was so good that she just didn’t want to share it with anyone on the planet. But Simon thought his love was more powerful than Dianne’s love for fries. Poor you Simon, you underestimated French Fries, Always Respect French Fries!

So these are the theories we believe could attribute the real reason behind all the kill-for-fries fuss. Let us know which of these four theories you support or if you have your own theory to contribute in this case, share with us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to like our facebook page @ViralVideosLab , You can also tweet us @ViralVideosLab 🙂 till then, Enjoy your Fries!

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Woman Believed To Have Stabbed Her Boyfriend For Fries, But Was It Really For Fries Only? Shocking Reason Revealed!

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