You Will Absolutely Hate These Makeup Destruction Videos with All Your Heart

As Pablo Picasso said, “Creating something new usually requires us to let go of something old.” Apparently, these beauty vloggers and makeup artists turned maniacs have been taking this quote by Picasso extremely seriously.

Watch for yourself how the video below shows some of your favorite makeup being destroyed mercilessly.

Two makeup bloggers, Hailey and Kat run a YouTube beauty channel named “Beauty News”. Since a while, the duo has been experimenting with “Makeup Breakup,” which is the first makeup destruction series running online. But the good news is, the destroyed makeup isn’t going entirely to waste.

Their aim is to destroy makeup products, and show their fans what its actually like to have them assembled back together. In their makeup videos, the vloggers crush the most expensive of blushes, eyeshades, foundations and lip colors. Woah, isn’t that cool?

From Channel’s chic blushes to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ highlighters, and Maybelline’s “Fit Me” sticks. Nothing is safe with these gurus. We repeat: Nothing at all!

Unlike some people calling them out on their work being “unproductive,” their efforts aren’t entirely going to waste. In actual, they want to test famous makeup brands and help beauty consumers worldwide in investing their money wisely.

Shown below is one of their makeup reviews, showing a breakdown of Urban Decay’s Afterdark Palette.

From time to time, both of them weigh the amount of material packed just to check if its equal to what the brand is claiming. Mostly, they try and mix the powders with liquid and try filling them back in their casing to see if they are shrinking, breaking out, or expanding.

Watch this video posted by their channel, which shows them happily destroying “Kylie’s Cosmetic Royal Peach Palette”. Luckily for the users screaming in angry disgust, they were successful in re pressing them back again.

Social media users mostly watch their videos because they believe it provides them some sort of catharsis.

A majority of people online love such kind of makeup destruction videos, while some hate seeing such costly makeup being crushed in one blow. But, hate them or love them, you can’t keep yourself from watching them. Way to go “Makeup Breakup” keep making these crazy videos, if nothing else, they are pretty satisfying to watch!

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You Will Absolutely Hate These Makeup Destruction Videos with All Your Heart

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