You Will Enjoy This Video As Much As These Cute Dogs Enjoying Their Ride

We came across with this cute video of three dogs enjoying long drive and having the fun of their lives. The sight was so delightful that we decided to get more videos of these dogs and know a little more about them. What we found was a cheerful pack of four beautiful dogs called “Samoyed Siblings”. The cute videos of these four snow dogs named Arthur, Aurora, Shimmer  and Sebastian are truly the eye candies.

? we are the boys of summer ☀️? #beachrides #smiles #happy #sun

A post shared by The Samoyed Siblings ❤ (@the_samoyed_siblings) on

The pack was on its way to the beach when their hooman parents recorded their joy during the ride. By the look on their face, you can tell how much they loved the breeze passing through their faces. Awww.. Such pretty snow dogs don’t even need a dog filter to look cute. lol

There were actually 5 snow dogs in this cute pack but sadly one of them called Fonzi passed away last year, leaving its adorable family behind. 🙁 “R.I.P Fonzi, we bet, you were as beautiful as rest of your pack mates.”

The pack loves to go out with its parents on drives and they make sure that the car windows are open so that they can enjoy when the breeze hits.

This one enjoys it a bit more than others. Here, some more cute videos coming from their Instagram account  @the_samoyed_siblings we have collected for you.

?? When you’re ‘that friend’ who steals everyone else’s food ??????

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One of them has a very Bon Appetit though. Funny how it steals his brother’s food and didn’t even feel guilty, instead kept going with the crime. And the one in the far right looks like he’s on diet and avoiding to look at his food.

Oh and look at the ‘Swag’ of this one. Better not to mess with him, man!

(Sound ✔️) He’s bad too the bone ??

A post shared by The Samoyed Siblings ❤ (@the_samoyed_siblings) on

The hood, leather jacket and the cool bad-ass shades, can you beat his awesomeness? I bet, you can’t!

Follow them on their Insta and Facebook for more of such adorable videos. Enjoy!

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You Will Enjoy This Video As Much As These Cute Dogs Enjoying Their Ride

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